leaking bathtub 漏れる浴槽

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スーパーリメイク和装バッグ + 陶器のマッチポケット
super upcycled kimono handbag with originally made ceramic matchbox holder

〰 〻  ☡  。﹏ ▱

The kimono bag is a preowned vintage item and it naturally has some signs of wear, but there is no problem at all in using it.

〰one of a kind〰

✦ 2022.11 個展「ポケット Pocket」(高円寺タタbookshop/gallery)にて展示していた作品です。
✦ This piece was exhibited in Koenji, Tokyo (2022.11) during my solo show <Pocket>.

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¥10,000 tax included